Transforming Tires into (Indo)Soles

I’m really into upcycling – finding innovative, creative uses for things that most would consider trash, and turing it into something new and treasured. Indosole, based in Indonesia, uses motorbike tires, which take thousands of years to decompose in landfills, and repurposes them into a lifestyle product – namely, sandals and shoes.

Sourced directly from local landfills, old, discarded motorbike tires are sanitized and transformed by Balinese artisans and craftspeople into fashionable footwear, with two pairs of Indosole sandals/shoes saving one tire from the landfill. Each pair of sandals is produced organically without melting the tires down, reforming materials or using fuel-powered machines; each and every shoe is handmade in the company’s workshops.

Indosole is on a mission to save one million tires from Indonesian landfills, but is also committed to supporting, through fair trade practices, Balinese artisans and their families and promoting a cleaner, healthier Indonesia.

Check out their men’s collection here and their women’s footwear here.

Thank you Indosole for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Can you think of another way to repurpose a motorbike tire?


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