Poverty Alleviation Through Digital Microwork

There’s been a trend over the past few years towards outsourcing computer-based work ranging from web design to data entry to a worldwide marketplace of talented professionals. It makes sense. The shift is worthwhile for many organization as oftentimes it’s much more affordable than hiring a new member of staff or contracting locally, and for those doing the work, it offers a wage they are happy with and greater opportunities.

Samasource, based in San Francisco and founded in 2008, is a nonprofit that connects people living in poverty to work via the Internet. Work is secured and negotiated with clients out of San Francisco and distributed through a proprietary online system called the SamaHub, where workers from around the world access the projects which are monitored by Samasource staff. To ensure quality and quick turnaround times, the company has QA professionals and account managers dedicated to the process.  “We bring dignified, computer-based work to women, youth, and refugees living in poverty.”

Work includes authoring original content, data mining and transcription, and is accomplished through microwork – a Samasource technology that breaks down projects into small tasks such as finding a phone number on a website or tagging an image. Once microwork tasks are complete, they are submitted to the SamaHub for feedback and QA in San Francisco. Currently, there are 16 work delivery centres consisting of computers, redundant power, Internet and access to the SamaHub across India, Pakistan, Haiti, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya.

Check out how Samasource can help your business here or click here to see how you can support what they do.

Thank you Samasource for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Have you ever outsourced work abroad? How was your experience?


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