Medic Mobile Develops Communications Technologies that Save Lives

In our local news of late are stories on how there is a shortage of doctors in hospitals and clinics across rural regions of our province. Many of these areas have sizeable elderly populations that cannot get the attention they need without leaving their towns or driving long distances to seek treatment. Maybe there is something we can learn from Medic Mobile, which delivers healthcare to rural areas that lack medical infrastructure in the developing world.

Medic Mobile is a nonprofit that develops and uses technologies and open-source platforms such as Frontline SMS, Google Apps and OpenMRS to support health workers traveling to isolated areas, away from central clinics, to serve patients through connected, coordinated health systems. Through the use of locally appropriate communication technologies, which are sophisticated enough to coordinate workers, mobilize communities for satellite clinics and vaccinations, manage supply logistics and collect data, Medic Mobile is saving more lives.

Working with partners in 15 countries from Africa and Asia to Latin America, technology strategies are designed upon a needs assessment where the organization works with local Community Health Workers to understand their requirements, key interactions and  opportunities to improve workflows. Implementation and configuration of software as well as user training ensures communication is available and effective.

Although one might question access to technology in the areas they serve, Medic Mobile is committed to developing their growing toolkit with the most widely available infrastructure and tools that local health workers are familiar and comfortable with using.

For more on the tools Medic Mobile develops, click here.

Medic Mobile estimates their efforts have impacted the care of over 400,000 patients.

Thank you Medic Mobile for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: When was the last time you left home without your mobile phone? How did you coordinate your day?


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