Lonesome George & Co. Inspire Conservation Worldwide

I came across some sad news last night while watching TV, Lonesome George, the last surviving Pinta Tortoise, and most famous resident of the Galapagos Islands, had died. Scientists estimate that he was around 100 years old. As the last member of his species of giant tortoise, the result of human actions, Lonesome George had become an international icon for conservation and education. His story inspired Lonesome George & Co., founded by Eduardo Balarezo in 2006, a social enterprise that combines fashion and funding educational programs for making better choices in an interdependent world.

Lonesome George & Co. believes that to protect and preserve the world’s resources requires shifting our thinking to acknowledge that we, as humans, are part of the earth’s ecosystem, and our everyday decisions impact everything else within it. In partnership with Outward Bound, the company is funding learning programs for a new generation of leaders to address issues of preservation locally that have an impact globally. They have also partnered with Ashoka, a leading organization that identifies and invests in social business and social entrepreneurs.

Through their MIND SHIFT IMPACT approach towards social change, Lonesome George & Co. invests 10% of gross sales to their Academy of Agents of Change, which consists of sending participants through four modules of Outward Bound and four modules of Ashoka Youth Venture programs to make meaningful social impact in their community. For details on each module, click here.

To check out the company’s apparel, made from certified organic cotton grown in the fields of Peru, and support their powerful message and programs for change, click here.

Thank you Lonesome George & Co. for making our world wonderful. Thank you Lonesome George for inspiring conservation worldwide.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What shift in your daily routine can help preserve our world’s ecosystem?


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