Carry an Education With Each Benson Backpack

I was watching the 21 Jump Street movie last night and its two main characters, undercover police officers who were posing as high-school students to solve a case, had an argument about whether it was more cool to use one shoulder strap or two to carry their backpacks. I was always a two-strapper but was thinking, maybe in a few years, with all the great social enterprise options for apparel and accessories, kids might be having the conversation about why they’re carrying the backpacks they are, rather than one strap or two.

Benson Backpacks was founded by Matthew Clough after a six day climb and summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. With help from a friendly porter named Benson he achieved his goal, but after learning that Benson earns just one to two dollars for each day of the trek, not nearly enough to send a child through school in Tanzania, Matthew was inspired to do something about it.

Realizing how lucky he was to have been raised in America, where so many opportunities are within reach, he returned home to research how he could help children in Tanzania receive an education. By combining his interest in climbing with its necessity for school, Matthew created a mountain climbing inspired backpack with a simple message – carry an education.

Partnering with Knock Foundation, which is already making an impact in Tanzania, Benson Backpacks invests $10 from each sale to support the organization’s education program which includes tuition assistance, school meals, and providing school supplies.

Additionally, Benson Backpacks are all made in California which ensures quality and helps create local jobs.

Need a backpack to carry all your stuff to the beach this summer, or maybe you’re off on a travelling adventure and need a day bag, check out Benson Backpacks here.

Thank you Benson Backpacks for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: One strap or two?



  1. Hey! Thanks so much for plugging us into this. We really appreciate the support!

    -The Benson Backpacks fam

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