Connecting People in Need with a Mob of Hope

I think by now most of us have seen a flash mob whether on TV, on YouTube or even live, but for those who haven’t, a flash mob is when an organized but seemingly spontaneous group of people join together to perform a choreographed dance to bring joy  and happiness to unsuspecting observers in public areas such as train stations and shopping malls. HopeMob takes the idea of the flash mob to bring strangers together to create sudden but organized hope and care for people around the world.

Founded by Shaun King is a non-profit that allows caring people to donate directly to those in need through an online platform that encourages people from across the globe with pressing needs to tell their story. The organization’s website showcases 24 stories of need from around the world at a time and features one main story on their front page until it reaches its fundraising goal, whether it takes an hour or one month, it’s not replaced until the target is reached. Once the featured story hits its goal, the next story in the queue moves into the coveted featured spot. has built a large community of generous strangers who not only submit stories but are active participants that earn virtual Story Points by completing tasks that include donating to a story, connecting their Facebook account to HopeMob and completing their HopeMob online profile. Story Points allow users to help stories they connect with, and as a mob with others who also support the story, boost it closer towards becoming the featured story on the site, where its fundraising goal is guaranteed.

From stories of helping build basketball courts for kids in Haiti to getting 100 mattresses for recently homeless families and buying birthday cakes for 30 children of homicide victims, is working towards making change happen every minute of every day.

Check out HopeMob’s current stories here. Click here to join HopeMob!

Thank you HopeMob for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which one of’s current stories do you connect with most?


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