Planting Seeds of Peace in War-Torn Regions

War is a horrible reality that brings terrible amounts of sadness and despair. For those living in war-torn regions, they are left with everyday reminders in missing loved ones, fallen buildings and land mines as they attempt to rebuild once the war has passed. Roots of Peace is an organization dedicated to the eradication of land mines worldwide and builds sustainable crops on the land to “transform the scars of conflict into the roots of peace.”

Started by Heidi Kühn her vision, with the help of Napa Valley vintners, was to replace the fields of land mines with seeds of hope in the form grapevines to create sustainable crops for future generations. Through the Roots of Peace Demine-Replant-Rebuild Model, the organization is committed to not only removing land mines but restoring the land and livelihoods of local communities  through sustainable agriculture. Roots of Peace believes that the eradication of all land mines is achievable through educating the public on land mines, removing and eliminating the production and planting of new land mines, providing victims with treatment and rehabilitation, and restoring the land through sustainable agriculture.

Roots of Peace programs include Mines to Vines™ in Afghanistan, where the organization has been working since 2003 on clearing land mines and providing training and support to improve rural farm productivity and re-establish markets locally, regionally and internationally. Mines to Chocolates™ in Vietnam started in 2009 and focuses on working with more than 1,100 cacao, coffee, bamboo, pepper and eel farmers in communities still impacted by the war. For more information about where Roots of Peace is making an impact, click here.

Support Roots of Peace and their efforts by making a donation of $25 to plant 25 fruit trees, $250 to plant an orchard, or $2500 to plant a vineyard here. If you have young children or are a teacher, consider starting a Penny Campaign.

Thank you Roots of Peace for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is something you can do today to spread a little peace in the world?


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