Gourmet Honey Under The Mango Tree

When I first began reading an article of a company called Under The Mango Tree, I was expecting to learn about an exotic fruit that I’d been fed since childhood, but quickly realized that Under The Mango Tree is a social enterprise that produces gourmet honey.

Founded by Vijaya Pastala who previously worked as a development professional with the World Bank and European Commission on livelihood and natural resource management, Under The Mango Tree is striving towards empowering poor farmers across India with beekeeping training and building a nationally recognized fair trade brand of gourmet honey to sustainably improve and support rural livelihoods.

Operating as both a nonprofit society that trains farmers and a for-profit that creates fair trade and sustainable market access, Under The Mango Tree works to nurture both the environment through its commitment to the indigenous bee and farmers to enhance their quality of life.

The company’s ‘Bees-for-Poverty-Reduction’ model trains small and rural farmers to beekeep with indigenous bees to increase agricultural crop productivity through improved bee pollination and introduces new income streams from honey and beeswax. This framework increases employment and diversifies a farmer’s offerings and because of the organic certification of the honey and beeswax produced, arrangements for buyback are at premium prices.

Since 2009, Under the Mango Tree has impacted 3000 farmers in six states across India, improving the livelihoods of over 15,000 people in rural and marginalized communities.

Curious as to why the company is called Under The Mango Tree? Click here. Check out their wide range of tasty honey products here.

Thank you Under The Mango Tree for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you use honey for?


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