Light Up Your Career With Inspired Pro Bono Projects

Do you sometimes feel like you’re going through the motions, and your 9-5 isn’t exactly giving you the challenge or satisfaction you crave? Have you considered trading your talents and honed skills to broaden your experience while making the world better? Catchafire connects those searching for a professional spark with passionate social good organizations through meaningful pro bono experiences.

Started by Rachael Chong, a successful investment banker frustrated by her inability to volunteer her expertise and balance a demanding career, she left her corporate career behind to follow a nonprofit path. From her nonprofit experience and success, she founded Catchafire, a for-profit certified B-Corporation, to make it easy for professionals to give their skills, without them having to quit their jobs, and allow social enterprises to take advantage of the goodwill of professionals.

By matching professionals, based on a number of characteristics including: cause interest, skills and time availability, to structured, individual-based projects that Catchafire helps organizations identify, short-term organizational needs are met while making it easy for professionals to add within their busy schedules.

If you’re someone looking for a challenge through meaningful pro bono work that will build your professional experience, expand your network and explore new career paths for five hours a week over three months, then click here to sign up now!

If you are part of a nonprofit or social good organization looking for pro bono professionals to deliver the results you need, sign up here and Catchafire can help assess your needs and strategically tailor a project to achieve your organizational goals.

To check out current open projects click here.

Thank you Catchafire for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: When was the last time you had a meaningful volunteer experience? What did you do?


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