Fashioning Bicycle Inner Tubes into Trendy Bags

With the weather being so nice lately, I’m seeing more and more bicycles hit the road. The other day, one was stopped with the rider crouched beside his bike – it looked like he was tending to a punctured tire. As a non biker, my question is, how’s he riding home, and what happens to the wheel? Can it be repaired or is it off to the dump? Alchemy Goods offers an answer to one of my questions, they make bags from blown-out bicycle inner  tubes.

Made from durable rubber that’s 100% waterproof and develops a soft, Italian leather-esque finish over time, Alchemy Goods’s bags have a unique look that through upcycling, transforming something some might consider trash into something of greater value, limit further consumption of our planet’s natural resources.

Based in Seattle, the company turns to bike shops for used inner tubes which are checked closely for anything that can affect its quality such as holes or glue; they are then cut open, washed and stitched together to create the outer shell for the bag. Straps sewn on each are carefully sourced from junkyards in cars that no longer run, and inspected before being converted into a comfortable shoulder strap. Each Alchemy Goods bag from materials sorting, cutting, cleaning and assembling is done in Seattle.

To date, Alchemy Goods have reclaimed 182,000 inner tubes from individual cyclists, community bike shops and major retailers such as REI from across the United States. Every bag has a small number on it that represents the percentage of upcycled materials that went into each product.

Check out their extensive line of goods here.

Thank you Alchemy Goods for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you do with your punctured bike inner tubes?



  1. Wow, I never thought that might work – I’ll have to put on my thinking cap. I have plenty of old tubes – maybe I can think of a use.

    Thanks for sharing.

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