Philanthroper Features Deals for Doing Good and Giving

Over the last year my wife has been obsessed with scouring sites that offer daily deals – 2 for 1 dinners, 50% off acupuncture and $20 yoga for a month are just some of the deals to be had. What if there was a similar concept but directed towards introducing nonprofit organizations to the public for daily giving. Well, there is, and it’s called Philanthroper.

Founded by Mark Wilson, the concept behind Philanthroper is to share the story of a registered nonprofit and if people want to donate to the featured organization, they can. They started off by only allowing $1 donations, but due to the generosity of its readers and their requests, have upped donation amounts to top off at $10. The idea is to turn giving and doing good into a daily habit.

Groups highlighted by Philanthroper range from local to international organizations; their focus is to showcase young, growing nonprofits that have less than $1 million in revenue annually, but their challenge is in finding small nonprofits where every dollar of donations truly matter as they don’t have the resources to find them. If you know of any small non religious-oriented nonprofits that qualify as a 501(c)3 that can benefit from promotion via Philanthroper, let them know at All organizations featured on the site are vetted and authorize their participation.

Apart from PayPal taking a small percentage of the donations for administration, the Philanthroper gives 100% of your donations to the nonprofits within the week, and relies on site advertising and corporate partnerships to keep themselves up and running.

To date, donations through Philanthroper have reached over $170,000, most of which have been donated $1 at a time to support a variety of causes. Check out how donations so far have helped here.

If you’re a nonprofit and want to be featured on Philanthroper, click here, or, if you’re a business that wants to support them through adverting or partnership, they can be reached here.

Thank you Philanthroper for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: How much do you give each year? Have you considered giving $1 each day instead?


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