YOGABEAR Lifts Patients Beyond Cancer

I remember trying yoga once several years ago and remember thinking after the session that it was the most intense yet relaxing and calming workout I’ve ever had. This is the polar opposite from the gym where, usually, people are grunting for that last rep, or trainers are pushing their clients through ‘just one more set’; it’s no wonder yoga has caught on so rapidly and considered by most who practice it to be much more than a workout. YOGABEAR is a nonprofit that promotes greater opportunities for healing and wellness to the cancer community through the practice of yoga.

YOGABEAR has built a strong community of healing with the support of organizations such as L’Oreal Paris, Lululemon and Clif Bar, and numerous yoga studio partners that offer either free or donation-based yoga classes to cancer patients and survivors. Through the Healing Yoga Project, the organization is expanding their programs to hospitals across the US.

Because all participants are either cancer survivors or going through treatment, programs are adjusted to allow for more gentle and therapeutic practice consisting generally of poses, breathing and meditation. This restorative form of yoga also works as a complementary therapy and can assist in managing depression, anxiety, pain and fatigue to help strengthen the emotional and mental wellbeing of persons impacted by cancer.

Check out participating yoga studios across the US here.

There are many ways to support YOGABEAR, from making a donation here or volunteering, to simply sharing your story with the online community.

Thank you YOGABEAR for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Have you ever practiced yoga? How did it make you feel?




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