Wool Knit Hats Keep Waste from Landfills

It might be the wrong season to be thinking about knitted hats and scarves but I guess it depends on where you are and where you may be travelling to right? In any case, if you’re looking for a woollen hat and knitted accessories to keep you warm, Icebox Knitting might have exactly what you’re seeking.

A certified B Corporation, Icebox Knitting, founded in 1994 in Colorado, is a company committed to sustainability through its two collections of wool and knitted products. The company started by crafting Dohm wool knit hats on antique, hand powered knitting machines with top quality yarns produced under the strictest environmental standards, and extended their commitment with Xob in 2006, their collection of upcycled pieces made from recycled wool blend sweaters and suit jackets. No materials are wasted, as scraps are repurposed into filling for dog beds in animal shelters, turned into wiping clothes, and somehow used in another product’s life cycle.

Through their efforts, Icebox Knitting has diverted more than thirty thousand pounds of waste from landfills.

The company has also started a textile recycling program with retailers so if there are any defects, they can either sell the product at a discount, donate it or even compost the wool hat or accessory, and Icebox Knitting will replace the item at no extra charge.

The company’s sustainability practices extend beyond their products, with mindful packaging such as labels that are made from 35% recycled milk jugs and their tradeshow booth constructed from 95% repurposed materials, Icebox Knitting is truly a model company in the sustainability movement.

To check out the wide range of upcycled hats, bags and home accessories from their Xob collection, click here. The company’s Dohm knit headwear can be found here.

Thank you Icebox Knitting for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Did you know that wool is compostable?


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