Host a Party to Support Women

Are you looking for meaningful work or a project where you can earn some extra money while bringing hope and inspiring others? Better Way Imports lets you be your own boss to Do Good and become a Freedom Fighter to help end sex trafficking.

Partnering with fair trade organizations that provide meaningful employment to women and supporting companies working to end sex-trafficking, Better Way Imports offers opportunities to North Americans to improve their livelihoods as well; through marketing unique gifts, goods and accessories, individuals receive a commission on items they sell as they encourage friends, family and people within their network to make a difference with each purchase.

If you’re interested in helping advance companies in developing countries that are actively supporting women in their communities through market access for fair trade, sustainably produced goods, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Book a Party – host an awareness event to spread the word about sex trafficking and do something about it. A Better Way Imports trained Freedom Fighter will lead the party where attendees will hear the stories behind the products, learn how they can help and get the chance to purchase the items. Click here to Book a Party.
  • Become a Freedom Fighter – teach others about trafficking and what they can do to to fight it, and inspire others to take action. Freedom Fighters can also earn a commission from each sale of items through their work. Click here for more information.
  • Buy Better Club – provide long term support to fair trade industries while receiving a box of Better Way Imports’s products each month. For $45 per month you can support one freed victim from the sex trade and learn about new fair trade products. Sign up here today.

Other ways to support the organization include simply making a purchase online here, or becoming a volunteer.

Thank you Better Way Imports for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Have you hosted a party to support a cause you believe in? What was the cause?


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