Solar Ear Makes Hearing Affordable and Changes Futures

It’s hard to imagine not knowing the sound of my mother’s voice or listening to music to lift my mood, but to the hearing impaired around the world, this is a reality. Solar Ear Brazil, working with several stakeholders ranging from foundations, marketing organizations, Universities and youth who are deaf are striving to address hearing loss and deafness in developing communities.

Hearing loss can be the result of high noise pollution in certain employment sectors while others are born with the disorder. If left untreated, it can keep otherwise healthy adults and children from work and school, leading them to poverty and challenges that impact their families and communities.

With the ultimate goal of helping disadvantaged children in Latin America receive treatment and gain access to low cost hearing aids, Solar Ear manufactures, assembles and distributes digital rechargeable hearing aids and solar battery chargers with rechargeable batteries that last two to three years at a cost equivalent to existing disposable zinc batteries. Once children are equipped with hearing aids, they can be educated in local schools, especially in rural areas that don’t have schools for the deaf, and they can participate like other children.

The company also makes a point of offering employment, training and education for young people who are deaf, creating a sustainable enterprise that changes society’s view of people with disabilities. Solar Ear empowers its employees by including them in product development and innovation, and encouraging them to become role models and teachers for deaf students or unemployed hearing impaired members of their communities.

To help Solar Ear continue with their projects click here to make a donation today.

Thank you Solar Ear for making our world wonderful.

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