Bricks and Bread – An Inspired Hub for Sustainable Living Venturers

Part of the reason I started learningaboutsocialenterprise was because I was interested in starting a social business but had no idea about how or where to start – so I figured, one way to learn and gain inspiration was to check out what others are doing. Bricks and Bread is a social enterprise and hub founded by Trudy Thompson, after running her own eco building firm, to help people interested in starting sustainable living ventures.

From her experiences in adapting to a more sustainable and self sufficient life and overcoming challenges in building eco homes, Trudy opened a facility where local experts could share their knowledge and resources to those wanting to live, work and build sustainably. Collaborating with 4,000 member experts and enterprises to provide products and services to 60,000 individual hub members, Bricks and Bread, through its success over the last three years, created a social franchise model to replicate their systems and methods. The company has over 300 franchisees sharing the Bricks and Bread processes.


Events offered include:

  • Free Advice Clinics – half an hour of free advice about career or business advice for social enterprise, sustainable innovation or eco building
  • Twitter Training – an interactive event on learning the most useful tips for effectively using Twitter for fun and business
  • Change to Save – entrepreneur training workshops ranging from two hour inspiration sessions to six half-day sessions for entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference

For the calendar of Bricks and Bread 2012 events, click here.

The company is currently trying to raise a 100m investment fund to purchase land and property to run Bricks and Bread hub ventures. To join the hub or help them out by making a donation, click here.

Thank you Bricks and Bread for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Who do you turn to for advise on career and entrepreneurship?


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