Do Good Real Estate Sells Homes for Good

I remember when I was looking for my first home, I had no idea where to start my search; a friend of mine suggested I contact a real estate agent but then with all the agents to choose from, how would I know who to choose? One company called Do Good Real Estate in Wilmington, North Carolina, is setting its brokerage and agents apart to help make the decision of selecting the right agent a little bit easier.

Started by Ryan Crecelius a real estate agent since 2006 and witness to the fall of the housing market, he founded Do Good Real Estate in March 2010 and started building a real estate brokerage that really matters. Especially important today with the countless stories of people losing their jobs and homes, the company’s focus is on putting people before profits.

In addition to offering superior service, ensuring honesty and leveraging their experience, the company believes in doing the right thing by helping buyers and sellers make the most informed decisions without external pressure; as well, Do Good Real Estate pledges to donate 20% of its commission from each home sold to local charities and non-profits of their clients’ choice. “We want our company to be a vehicle for our clients to be a helping hand in making our community grow stronger by doing good and giving something back to those that need it.”

Although clients can choose any non-profit organization they wish to support, charities Do Good Real Estate have made donations to include: DREAMS center for arts education, Canines for Service and Habitat for Humanity. For more on the charities they support, click here.

If you live or are planning on moving to North Carolina and find yourself looking to buy or sell a home, click here to make a difference with your real estate decision.

Thank you Do Good Real Estate for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Who helped you with your first home buying/ selling process? How did you choose them?


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