Whistle for Peace, Whistle to Restore Lives

Has something through your travels ever touched you so greatly that you just had to do something about it? Falling Whistles started as a journal entry written about boys in Congo sent to the front lines of war armed only with a whistle and has launched into a full campaign for peace and empowerment in the region.

A non-profit partnering with local advocates and leaders to rehabilitate those affected by war, Falling Whistles addresses two urgent needs – children escaping the war-region and children forced to the front lines of war. Often, children who have escaped are traumatized and left with few options, so are regularly pulled back and returned into the cycle of war, but through the organization’s growing partnerships with community leaders, these children are getting a chance at a new life through education, art, music, vocational skills training, sports, and medical treatment. By giving them the tools to be ‘whistleblowers’ Falling Whistles is helping children forced into the war stand for peace.

Purchase a whistle here, wear it as your protest, and start the conversation in your community today about the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo; a war which has, over the last decade, killed 6 million people with 1,500 people continuing to lose their lives daily, and involves thousands of children and widespread sexual violence. Whistle sales are currently funding the rehabilitation of 267 war-affected children in northeast Congo; your purchase will help restore their lives.

To support Falling Whistles with a donation, click here.

Read the full story that started it all and join the campaign to spread peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Thank you Falling Whistles for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Who is your model for peace building? Why?


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