Beverly’s Birthdays Spreads Birthday Cheer to Homeless Youth

Some of my fondest childhood memories are from birthday parties. I remember going to pool and skating parties, searching for presents at the mall with my mom, and the family celebrations at my grandmother’s home. Beverly’s Birthdays is a non-profit committed to providing homeless youth living in transitional shelters in Pittsburgh birthday celebrations, so they too can have fond memories of their special day.

Inspired while volunteering at an after school program by a 12 year old named Beverly who had never had a birthday party or a birthday cake, Megan Yunn started her own organization with the goal of “spreading birthday cheer 365 days a year” so all children regardless of financial circumstance or personal situation can celebrate their birthday. Megan’s idea won first place out of more than 1,000 entries in the “BE BIG in Your Community Contest” sponsored by American Family Insurance, and received a grant to turn her mission into reality.

There are many ways to get involved with Beverly’s Birthdays if you’re in the Pittsburgh area. Hosting one to two parties each month, the organization is always looking for volunteers to: staff the parties, bake cookies and cupcake treats for birthday guests, and become birthday shoppers and sponsor a child’s birthday gift request. For more information on volunteering, click here.

For corporations and organizations wanting to give back to the community, you can help fundraise for Beverly’s Birthdays or sponsor a child’s birthday party for a donation of $250, which gives you the opportunity to plan the theme and logistics alongside Beverly’s Birthdays’s organizers. For more on corporate sponsorship, click here.

If you simply want to donate to ensure children living in transitional shelters have a memorable birthday celebration, click here.

Thank you Beverly’s Birthdays for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is your fondest childhood birthday memory?


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