Tree-Mendous Aerial Trails High Atop Forests

Did you grow up with a treehouse in your backyard? I always wanted one but we didn’t have a big enough tree so my brother and I would have to pretend and imagine we were high atop tree branches while we were actually playing on the kitchen floor inside our home. If treetop adventures are still on your mind as an adult, Tree-Mendous Adventure Parks may give you the perfect opportunity to have your own treehouse and then some!

A certified Benefit Corporation (BCorp), that meets higher standards of social and environmental performance for accountability and transparency, Tree-Mendous Adventure Parks safely connects trees with wobbly bridges, swings and zip-lines to provide unique self-guided aerial trails for adventurers aged 7 and up.

Popular in Europe for the past 17 years and now with 2000 aerial adventure parks in operation, this American-European team with decades of experience in forest, rope safety, climbing, forest park design and construction, business and financial expertise and human resource education, are bringing their sustainably developed, eco-adventure trails to camp grounds, summer camps, amusement parks and animal refuges.

Tree-Mendous Adventure Parks practices environmentally sound and sustainable construction to create trails and its surrounding amenities by preserving the existing health and beauty of the environment, and always with non-invasive installation without bolting or screwing through the trees. Through their aerial trails the company hopes to promote greater environmental health as well as offer a fun and healthy physical activity for participants.

To check out some examples of aerial adventure parks, click here.

Thank you Tree-Mendous Adventure Parks for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW:  Did you have a treehouse growing up? What did you do inside it?


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