Innovative Solutions Courtesy of the Ideas Generation

As people, I think, we like routine; it takes the guess work out of our everyday lives to know that at nine we have to be at work, noon we have lunch, and at five we head home, but do our routines stimulate new and innovative ideas or do they stifle them? Sometimes we need an interruption or a third party to help us think outside our everyday boxes, and that’s what We Do Ideas is all about.

We Do Ideas is a movement that brings passionate people together to build ‘The Ideas Generation’ to solve some of today’s most significant social problems. Founded as a youth led venture in 2011, the organization plans ‘idea parties’ to “stimulate innovation and enhance both the quantity and quality of ideas.”

We Do Ideas brings companies cost effective, balanced and fun solutions that stem from their methodology of unlocking childhood imagination with adult logic; the company can help solve specific problems, address existing organizational challenges or engage employees to introduce innovative thinking into their daily work. In the community, We Do Ideas offers pop up events and workshops to youth organizations and provides all youth the opportunity to get involved in solving social problems through innovation as a member of their cooperative organization.

If you have an idea, share it with We Do Ideas as they reinvest 50% of their profits from contracts into an investment fund that can turn your ideas into reality.

Interested in joining the Ideas Generation, click here.

Businesses looking for inspired, youthful and innovative ideas to light a spark in your operations, click here.

Thank you We Do Ideas for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What inspires you to make change and innovate?


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