Girls & Football SA Teaches Life Skills on the Pitch

One major breakthrough for Canadian sports at the summer Olympics in London this past month was our women’s soccer/ football team winning the bronze medal. There was so much excitement in our country watching them make their way through the competition and passionate discussion about how we just missed a chance to play for gold. Ultimately, though, it’s done wonders for the sport in our country, as I’m sure many young girls who watched are now wanting to play.

Girls & Football SA is an award winning organization that uses football as a tool for empowering girls, promoting body ownership and raising self esteem. With football as the vehicle for education, the sport provides a positive platform to bring awareness about important issues that influence the lives of girls in South Africa such as teen pregnancy, violence against girls and women, and HIV/ Aids.

Acting both on a grass roots level through conducting life skills training and football workshops, and internationally through production of “Can I Kick It?” a documentary film, Girls & Football SA works with a variety of partners to further raise awareness on the importance of sport for women locally and globally. Participants are also matched with strong role models that include players from South Africa’s women’s national team so they have a positive influence that can offer a wider perspective for building a better future.

The organization encourages young women (20-26) and adolescent girls (10-19) to be role models for each other and share in the joy, passion and unity the sport of football brings, which can ultimately create opportunities for them to become leaders within their communities and beyond.

Thank you Girls & Football SA for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Has being active in sports changed your life? How?


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