Tailoring Travel for Authentic, Off-the-Beaten Path Experiences

With the summer season winding down and vacations nearing an end, it’s an exciting time to refocus and get back into the swing of things… like planning the next trip! If you’re looking for an adventure and doing good at the same time, Terra Education brings together travel and service-learning programs to provide unique experiences to learn about a country through volunteering.

Based in the US, Terra Education also has in-country infrastructure and staff, and a network of non-profit organizations around the world to help plan and support their programs. The company’s programs are designed to inspire travellers to realize their potential to transform the world, and it achieves its mission by practicing compassion towards travellers, staff and host communities, embracing different cultures, pursuing projects that are driven by local community needs, introducing innovative ideas to better serve communities, staff and travellers, and bringing integrity into all it’s activities and relationships.

Clients of Terra Education range from being high school students to baby boomers and corporations. Each group is serviced by tailored programs that are designed to help them develop meaningful, authentic educational experiences, explore off the beaten path, and offer thought-provoking activities.

Programs are currently being offered in Africa, Asia and Latin America and range from helping build water systems in the Dominican Republic to working alongside local leaders in orphanages and village schools in Tanzania. For a full range of destinations and activities, click here.

To get in touch with Terra Education, click here.

Thank you Terra Education for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you have planned for your next vacation?


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