GLOB Brings Traditional Botanical Food Colours to Today’s Artists

It’s the first day of school! I remember the excitement of the first few days especially, meeting my new teachers, making new friends and catching up with old buddies after summer vacation. Besides the regular math, English and science, art was one of my favourite classes; it’s always sad to hear of arts programs in schools being cut due to budget restrictions but GLOB Natural Paints, a California company that produces botanically crafted paints and craft products, is committed to bringing natural craft products to schools and teachers.

Made from natural ingredients and organic extracts such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices, GLOB paints combine a natural watercolour binder – gum arabic, with botanical food colours that have been used in arts for centuries. Colour pigments come from a range of all natural ingredients commonly used today including beets, turmeric, carrots, annatto seed and the sticky orange pulp of the gardenia fruit.

By using natural plant extracts and botanical pigments, GLOB’s water-based paints are developed with safety and sustainability in mind, and are all non-toxic; most important to the environment and wildlife such as fish is that all paints are fully biodegradable making them safe to wash down the sink and into our water supply. The company is also mindful of the environment in it’s manufacturing, shipping and packaging processes to ensure their products and organization are eco-friendly throughout.

As mentioned earlier, GLOB, through is annual School Giveaway, provides safe, green art supplies to creative programs, and free paints to schools to ensure kids and teachers have access to equipment to continue their arts curriculum despite budget cuts that have reduced or even eliminated such programs in schools. To receive announcements and updates on GLOB’s School Giveaway, click here.

Check out GLOB’s assortment of paints and arts products here.

Thank you GLOB for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What got you most excited about the first day of school?


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