Supporting Local Farmers and Saving the Planet Through The Tiffin Project

For the last few years, going out for dinner with my parents, my mom has always brought a few glass pyrex containers along with her just in case we had to doggie-bag anything. I always thought it was a good way to help reduce waste from take-out packaging, and now it’s the basic idea (of a larger overall concept) behind a new local program called The Tiffin Project.

Started by Hunter Moyes in June 2012, The Tiffin Project has several goals: to reduce hospitality waste through the purchase of their Tiffin Project containers, support local agriculture which currently costs a premium compared to imported produce because of unsustainable subsidies, and swap un-ecological food rituals with positive habits by offering incentives.

With each sale of a Tiffin Project container, $4 will be kept in The Tiffin Project Foundation Fund, which will be directed towards subsidizing the cost of seasonal, local produce to match the highly subsidized lower price of imported produce currently used by most restaurants which have very slim profit margins. Initiatives to arrange bulk-purchases of staple ingredients, experimental investments in urban agriculture and seasonal produce availability awareness training for local Chefs are also planned to re-localize Vancouver’s food system while supporting local farmers.


Depending on how much money is raised through the sale of The Tiffin Project containers, project members and the public will vote online to decide on the allocation of funds either to purchase late – 2012 stock or wait for 2013 harvest to support the local food producers and Project’s restaurant partners.

To become a member of The Tiffin Project, containers can be purchased online or at select Vancouver restaurants. Restaurants that have a partnership with the Project will offer customers bringing in their own leftovers or “to-go” containers a small discount off their pre-tax bill. To view the Project’s current restaurant partners, click here.

Thank you The Tiffin Project for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you do with your take-out containers?


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