Old Mobile Phones Given a New Life Saving Lives

With the recently announced new iPhone 5 being released soon, many will upgrade their mobiles, but what will they do with their old phones? One idea worth considering is donating it to an organization called Hope Phones.

Hope Phones started in 2009 as a campaign to fund the efforts of Medic Mobile, an organization I previously featured, that advances healthcare in developing countries via mobile technology. More than just giving old phones a new life, recycling cell phones also reduces the amount of plastics, toxins and hazardous waste that pollute the environment. When phones are donated, Hope Phones, through its recycling partner, receives on average $5 per used phone, or around $80 for a smartphone, so that appropriate new field technology can be acquired.

Through its parent company Medic Mobile, a non-profit organization advancing rural healthcare networks currently in 11 countries, covering 4.5 million people, the Hope Phones initiative is literally saving lives. The phones connect patients and community health workers to clinics, medicine, maternal care and infectious disease support without losing precious time travelling to rural areas so more immediate care can be given and more people can be treated.

Its current goal is to recycle 10,000 used cell phones to equip two maternal care sites in Nepal and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If you have a phone lying around not getting any use, or are planning on upgrading soon, click here for information on how to donate your old mobile to Hope Phones. To start up a phone drive in your community, click here.

Thank you Hope Phones for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: How long do you usually keep your cell phone before you upgrade.


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