Seedballz: Planting Seeds in Gardens and the Community

I’ve always envisioned having a lush garden with a wide assortment of herbs, organic veggies and beautiful flowers, unfortunately, I don’t have much of a green thumb and our garden looks more like a desert wasteland of crispy brown grass, moss and weeds. It’s too overwhelming to think that I can save our entire yard and garden but maybe a small patch in a tiny corner would be a good starting point.

Seedballz, started by Alice Strong of, takes a traditional Native American technique of rolling seeds in clay, to keep birds from eating them, and evolved the concept by encasing herb, flower and vegetable seeds in a mixture of clay and organic compost to protect the seeds from drying out in the sun, getting blown away or being eaten by nature’s critters. Seedballz are filled with seeds and rolled together with a blend of all-natural ingredients that allow the seeds to germinate inside the ball simply with some watering.

Within Alice’s mission of creating “innovative and effective garden products, while providing meaningful employment and assisting causes close to our hearts,” the company partnered with developmentally disabled workers in the USA to hand-roll and package their Seedballz product – a fun and therapeutic way of connecting with people with disabilities in the community.

Seeds of Hope is a variety of Seedballz created in memory of Alice’s sister who lost her battle with breast cancer. With each sale of this variety, which blossoms into an all-pink garden of flowers, 10% is donated to women in financial need in the community.

To check out the assortment of Seedballz and get started with sprucing up your garden, click here.

Thank you Seedballz for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: If you could plant anything in your garden, what would it be?


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  1. We planted the Seedballz herbs in our kitchen. Now we can add fresh herbs whenever we cook! 🙂

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