Shape Global Health and Development within 1000 Days

I’m at that age where all my friends around me are having babies. In fact, one is in labour right now, at least according to their Facebook status update a few hours ago, and another should be welcoming a new arrival within the next couple of weeks. We’re lucky to have all the resources and expertise available to ensure our mothers and babies are healthy throughout their pregnancies but in many parts of the developing world, the effects of malnutrition can have severe consequences leading to infant death, lifelong cognitive and physical deficits and chronic health problems.

1000 Days is an advocacy hub on a mission to promote improving nutrition for mothers and young children during the 1000 days from pregnancy to age two – when better nutrition can have a lifelong impact on the child’s future, their families and help break the cycle of poverty across the world.

Through new investment and partnerships, the organization is inspiring a global movement by informing key audiences of the cost-effectiveness and impact of investing in nutrition during the critical 1000 days.

By ensuring mothers and young children get the vitamins and minerals they need, promoting good nutritional practices and treating malnourished children with therapeutic foods during the 1000 day window, more than one million lives can be saved each year, disease and risk of chronic conditions is reduced significantly, and educational achievement and earning potential of individuals improves to help increase a country’s GDP and prosperity. These lasting results in global health and development are achievable simply by ensuring nutrition during the 1000 days is readily available.

To join the 1000 Days movement and help create awareness of the 1000 day window of opportunity to change the world, click here.

Thank you 1000 Days for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Are you a parent? How do you ensure your child receives the best nutrition available?


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