Give to Get Jobs Matches Companies with Like-Minded Job Seekers

Since starting learning about social enterprise almost a year ago, I’ve been looking into start-up companies and organizations that are purpose-driven and for-benefit focused, but what if you’re someone who wants to join and work for one of these enterprises? A good place to start is Give to Get Jobs, a smaller job board that connects job seekers with for-profit jobs that give back.

Give to Get Jobs seeks to make it easier for social enterprises to connect with potential employees looking for jobs at for-profit companies that give back. From simply posting jobs on the website and access to a resume database of like-minded, highly qualified applicants, to resume and cover letter screening, Give to Get Jobs offers an array of services to help ensure applicants share the same passion and values of the company and vice versa.

For job seekers, the company offers resume and cover letter assistance as well as access to their database of social enterprises and jobs available with social businesses.

Give to Get Jobs practices what it preaches; the company donates a portion of proceeds from each job posting to to support education projects and job training, and ranges from sponsoring a tailoring class for women in India to gifting a month of computer and English class training to children in developing countries.

If you’re a for-benefit organization looking to post jobs to targeted job seekers with similar values and passion, click here to check out Give to Get Jobs services and rates.

Looking for a job with a social enterprise, start by clicking here.

Thank you Give to Get Jobs for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where do you look to for finding social benefit jobs?


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