Fund Emerging Leaders through Education Generation

School is hard enough when you have the full support of family, friends and community, but for many around the world, it’s a constant struggle for young leaders to gain access to the educational resources needed to help nurture their development. Education Generation is changing things, $20 at a time, by funding scholarships so gifted youth can participate in innovative programs at high-caliber institutions committed to building local communities.

Through merit based scholarships, funded through the Education Generation website, and their partnership with local groups and institutions on the ground, the organization positions students so they can thrive and meet their potential as emerging leaders.  Partner groups focus on skills training, creative thinking and entrepreneurship, and through their programs allow participants to shape their curiosity to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Education Generation’s website allows you to easily find talented students in countries ranging from India and Peru to Rwanda, to support; reading about program participants and learning about the dedicated partner organizations paints a full picture of where 100% of your donations are directed. Check out their stories here.

Beyond helping fund scholarships, there are many other ways to get involved such as hosting a birthday fundraiser, joining the EdGen adventure tour in Ecuador or becoming an EdGen fellow to work directly alongside scholarship recipients and with the organization’s partners. Click here for more information.

Help Education Generation invest in leaders so they can change the future for themselves, their community and their local economy.

Thank you Education Generation for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Who has given you a hand up through your education journey?


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