Bootcamp for Social Entrepreneurs Looking to Make a Big Difference

I initially started learningaboutsocialenterprise to, appropriately enough, learn about social enterprise. It’s something I’d been interested in for years and finally committed to starting to discover on my own, by researching what others are doing through this blog, to develop my own social enterprise and make a positive impact. Although I’ve learned a lot, I wish I had known about Change Course earlier.

Change Course is for-profit, experiential program that brings clarity to how dreams of making a difference and changing the world can be aligned with ones own personal economic success. It inspires and helps create greater possibilities by demystifying how to actually make a difference, make projects a reality, and overcome limitations to bring passion and excitement back into careers that might have lost that spark.

Open to people of all backgrounds and experiences, Change Course is based on years of research, application and presentation, and most of all, is targeted towards those who wanting to maximize the difference they make.

Change Course is led by Dan Pallotta; his start in social entrepreneurship began when he organized his Harvard classmates to bike across America with him to fight world hunger. Since then he’s launched for-profit social enterprises that have empowered 182,000 people and raised $582 million in eight years. Dan is a contributor for the Harvard Business Review online and an accomplished author of several books on social entrepreneurship.

For information on the next Change Course and to register, click here.

Thank you Change Course for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Have you taken courses in social entrepreneurship? How were they?


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