School Fundraising with Groceries and Everyday Essentials

Do you remember going out as a child and selling boxes of chocolate covered almonds to fundraise for your school? I certainly do. Well, last night, Dragon’s Den featured a movement called the Wealthy School Revolution (WSR) that can save parents from bringing boxes of chocolates to their workplace and fundraising for their kids.

Recognizing that traditional methods of school fundraising were no longer effective in providing needed funds, and identifying with donor and volunteer fatigue, Wealthy School Revolution was born to increase the rewards of fundraising while minimizing the effort.

The Revolution started with the goal to provide healthy food and household products, essentials all families need, and making them available for purchase through schools to help their fundraising efforts. The school-based initiative has grown and shifted into a software fundraising platform where the program is flourishing.

A key part to Wealthy School Revolution are the WSR Independent Developers, entrepreneurs who work with schools and volunteer groups to manage the program and sell its products to effectively build rewarding fundraising programs. Armed with the idea of helping schools earn revenue, educating families about healthy everyday products, and the WSR software to grow an engaged customer base, the program is aimed to be rewarding for everyone involved. Click here for more information.

To check out their wide range of grocery products, click here.

Interested in starting the Wealthy School Revolution in your school, click here.

Thank you Wealthy School Revolution for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What did you have to sell growing up to fundraise for your school?


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