Serving Sushi that Gives Back to our Oceans

I eat sushi a lot. It helps that there are probably just as many sushi restaurants in my city as there are Starbucks, but I never actually thought of the impact of the popularity of sushi restaurants on our oceans and marine wildlife until stumbling across Bamboo Sushi.

Bamboo Sushi, with two locations in Portland, Oregon, is the first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the world. With the popularity of seafood, resulting in over-fishing and “bycatch” – the unintended catch of sea life such as turtles and birds through the process of catching fish, scientists are worried about the health of our oceans. Recognizing the challenges, Bamboo Sushi, while offering the freshest Marine Stewardship Council “best choices” product selections, places an equal importance in helping to save the oceans and marine life.

Through their partnerships with marine stewardship and ocean sustainability organizations such as Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean Institute and KidSafe Seafood, Bamboo Sushi is raising awareness on these environmental issues and passing on the information to their customers. For more on their partnerships, click here.

The sushi restaurant has taken a greater holistic approach to sustainability by including non-marine menu items, and is the first sushi restaurant in the USA to be a Certified Green Restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association, signifying their light operational footprint.

Beyond their commitment to the environment, Bamboo Sushi dedicates time and effort as well as contributing donations to building their community.

If you find yourself in Portland, Oregon, definitely check out Bamboo Sushi at one of their two locations and give them your support!

Thank you Bamboo Sushi for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is your favourite sushi roll?



  1. I visited there with a friend almost a year ago and I cannot stop thinking about it! There was one with tempura asparagus and avocado- I dream of that roll, and I do eat a lot of sushi. It was definitely the best I have ever had!

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