Restaurant Deal Finder that Gives when You Redeem

My wife is hooked on Groupon and other similar deal finders, and there are so many of them now that it’s hard to justify paying full price for yoga classes, landscaping services and restaurant meals. I haven’t found one quite like TangoTab though which is primarily for restaurants.

Similar to other coupon finders, TangoTab has created a social, mobile marketing solution for restaurants to drive traffic to their locations, what’s different is that TangoTab empowers restaurants to create time and quantity-restricted, real-time offers to attract guests to fill empty tables, so there’s no risk that coupons will be redeemed during busy nights or weekends.

TangoTab takes a small success fee when a coupon is redeemed, but unlike most deal sites, diners pay the restaurants directly rather than through the coupon service.

The cool part for us is that TangoTab feeds a person in need through local hunger-related charities and food banks such as City Harvest and SoupMobile¬†each time a diner redeems an offer at a participating restaurant. “When you eat They Eat!” So far this year nearly 110,000 people have been fed through TangoTab’s movement to fight hunger in North American communities.

Special offers are available in a number of cities across the USA including New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, and TangoTab restaurants and deals can be found in Toronto if you’re in Canada. Check out the deals here.

Thank you TangoTab for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which deal finder do you use when looking for restaurant offers?


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