Fair Trade Soccer Balls Helping Youth Win Beyond Sports

I’m not much of an athlete but my brother and his family have been playing soccer on local teams for as long as I can remember. They go through several soccer balls a year, I would assume, so I’m excited to share with them a brand of soccer ball called Senda which is certified Fair Trade and changing the lives of youth through sports.

Founded by Santiago Halty who grew up in a country where soccer is king, Argentina, the California-based company makes high quality Fair Trade soccer equipment and through their partnership with non-profit organizations in the US and abroad, are developing training and curricula to promote sports as a tool for transforming the lives of youth.

By providing partner organizations with their training kits that include soccer balls and equipment and providing them with access to experienced coaches, Senda is committed to not only making superior products, providing fair wages and minimizing their environmental impact, but dedicated to increasing access to sports around the world and using it as a tool for social development.

As a certified Fair Trade company, Senda must meet certain social, economic and environmental criteria; in addition, they are required to offer producers with a Fair Trade Premium to improve health, education and livelihood opportunities for workers.

Senda’s non-profit partners include Soccer without Borders, Street Soccer USA: Bay Area, Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program and Defensores del Chaco, all of which use sports to address social challenges such as promoting gender equality and keeping youth off the streets.

To support Senda and their awesome efforts, check out their assortment of soccer balls here.

Thank you Senda for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where do you purchase your soccer balls? Why do you buy from them?


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