A Mobile Buddy for Therapy Services

I’ve had my smart phone for several years now and I’ve accumulated so many apps that I need an app to organize them all. Maybe there’s already an app for that, I’ll have to check later. An interesting mobile tool by Sidekick Studios, a social innovation company which uses design and technology to address social problems, is called Buddy.

Created in collaboration with South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust (SLaM), the largest mental health services provider in Britain, Buddy is a a digital tool that bridges formal therapy services with informal care. Using simple text messaging to keep a daily diary to track their feelings and moods, the tool helps clients spot and reinforce positive behaviours,  reflect on and understand their condition to make behaviour modifications, and set the agenda for their next therapy session.

By allowing clients to track and plan sessions, so they are the drivers of their own care, service to these individuals does not only improve and become more effective, it also addresses an industry-wide challenge of missed appointments, found not to be because of forgetfulness but rather because clients don’t feel they have any control of the sessions.

Buddy was designed as a tool for mobile phones to more easily introduce therapy into the daily lifestyle of clients rather than just something ‘you go to’, and as Buddy evolves, the hope is to continue giving users a simple, accessible resource that offers a positive experience.

Thank you Buddy and Sidekick Studios for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which mobile phone app do you use most often?


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