Landfill Harmonic – a Movie about Trash, Music and Hope

As I was doing my usual flipping through of articles yesterday I came across a film called the Landfill Harmonic that really peaked my interest. A feature-length documentary not scheduled for release until 2014, the movie tells the story of a musical orchestra in Paraguay where instruments such as violins, cellos and flutes are crafted from garbage.

The movie centres around the people of Cateura, Paraguay, a remote village where its children are at high risk of joining gangs and being involved with drugs, and the main industry is collecting resalable garbage from the landfill their town is built around to earn a livelihood.

Amidst the hopelessness and despair, orchestra director Szaran and music teacher Fabio established a music program for the children of Cateura, and things started to change. Youth wanted to be involved and because of the program’s success, the orchestra soon had more students than instruments, and that’s when the true  ingenuity of the people shined through. Starting with a single violin made from garbage, today, the young musicians of  The Recycled Orchestra are outfitted entirely with recycled instruments.

More than just a story about turning trash into something beautiful, Landfill Harmonic is an inspiring tale about the transformation of people and a community.

To support the completion of the film and check out a preview, click here.

Thank you The Recycled Orchestra and Landfill Harmonic movie for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW:  If you were to craft a musical instrument, what would you make and with what recycled materials?



  1. yourothermotherhere

    How cool is that?

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