Shopping for Change Rather Than Shopping for Bargains

It’s Black Friday and I’m sure shopping centres and outlet malls all across America are jam packed with shoppers in search of bargains on big screen TVs and deals on shoes at this very moment. It’s become somewhat of a tradition now in the US that after Thanksgiving turkey dinner, it’s time to shop!

Imagine if all the people shopping for discounts shifted to being people shopping for positive change in the world, how wonderful our world would be.  Shopping for a Change® is providing a platform for us to do just that.

Founded by Stacey Horowitz after a trip to The Galapagos Islands and Peru where her family witnessed the struggles of women,  poverty and hunger, set in contrast to the beauty of these regions, she returned home wanting to make a difference. Recalling the artistic talent of the people, skills passed down through generations, Stacey founded  Shopping for a Change® to empower and transform  the lives of these artisans, mostly women, in an economically sustainable way.

The organization pays artisans in advance for their work and splits net proceeds between funding community investment projects locally, with a focus on clean water, healthcare, and education, and allowing the consumer to direct the other half of net proceeds to their nonprofit organization of choice at checkout.

To learn about a couple of community improvement projects that Shopping for a Change® has been involved with, click here.

If you’re itching to start shopping, click here!

Thank you Shopping for a Change® for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What was your last big purchase?



  1. No big purchases for me lately! What a great organization, glad I stumbled upon your blog today. Thanks for posting it.

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