Healthier Communities Start with Fresh School Meals

Growing up I remember never being allowed to eat the cafeteria food at school. My dad would always pack me a lunch made up of a sandwich, a piece of fruit, maybe a granola bar, and a boxed fruit drink. Once in a while, I would have enough change to buy a bag of chips or pop from the vending machine. My friends on the other hand would indulge in pizza, french fries and onion rings daily.

Revolution Foods is on a path to changing our perception of what school food can be. All school meals, from breakfast, lunch and snack are prepared fresh with real ingredients. The company works with schools to tailor food service programs that are within the school’s existing operational structure, and offers cost-effective menus and meal plans, including vegetarian and dairy free options, to ensure the highest level of participation and satisfaction.

As a complement to their school meals, Revolution Foods provides vending machines to offer healthy snack options, all made from natural ingredients with nothing fried, which are serviced and stocked at no cost; a portion of sales revenue are also put back into the school. Additionally, Revolution Foods partners with participating schools to nurture healthier habits through programs on nutrition so students can start making smarter eating decisions.

Currently, Revolution Foods serves over 600 lunchrooms and more than 120,000 meals each day to students across the USA.

To check out some of their food menu items, click here. Join the revolution here.

Thank you Revolution Foods for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What was your typical school lunch growing up?


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