Alleviating Poverty through Ecotourism

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for travel; there’s something about meeting locals, learning about different cultures and exploring new places that have always fascinated me. On recent trips, I’ve tried to find eco-adventure opportunities like river rafting in northern Thailand, abseiling down waterfalls in Vietnam and mountain faces in Romania, to spend time in nature, outside of the city bustle and typical tourist attractions, and they’ve been such rewarding experiences.

aleevee8 is a UK-based social enterprise that uses ecotourism to offer a ‘trade not aid’ solution for sustainable poverty alleviation to some of the world’s poorest communities while focusing on preserving our planet’s habitats and environments. Through their programs, the company lists supporting communities through cooperative development and continued education, implementing gender equality and empowerment initiatives, and introducing waste and resource management, as some of their key socio-economic responsibilities.

In addition to providing increased income through ecotourism, aleevee8 will be working alongside communities to improve communications, education and medical infrastructure, and build capacity locally to break the cycle of poverty.

Aside from tourism, aleevee8 offers investors of all kinds – corporate benefactors and individual philanthropists, an exciting way to get involved with their sustainable, high-impact project. One such opportunity, which offers both social and financial rewards, is through investment in locally constructed, community owned and operated eco-lodges along trekking routes. For more information about investing, click here.

aleevee8 is piloting their model in Nepal, where many live below the poverty line, yet interest in adventure tourism in its mountainous regions is attracting a growing number of tourists each year.

To learn more about aleevee8 and their high impact ecotourism company, click here to view their concept video.

Thank you aleevee8 for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Where do you want to go on your next adventure?


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