Get Dibs on Hard-to-Find Tickets and Support Your Favourite Charities

It’s that time of year when many of us, myself included, are wracking our brains with what to buy our loved ones for Christmas. If you have a sports enthusiast or music fan in your life Tickets-for-Charity (TFC) might have exactly what you’re looking for, and as a bonus, you’ll be supporting nonprofits with your purchase.

Based in Boston, MA, TFC partners with sports teams, theatres, corporations and top music acts to offer fans access to special offers, premium seats and VIP experiences to directly support nonprofit organizations. Through their relationship with artists such as U2, Coldplay and Katy Perry, and sports teams including the Boston Red Sox, New York Knicks and Seattle Sounders, TFC offers tickets at “the same or better prices you’ll find elsewhere, for seats you won’t find anywhere else.”

When seats are made available through TFC’s Charitable Sale program to members, participating artists and teams receive the face value  of the ticket back or corporate donors receive a tax deduction, while the set Donation Amount is directed towards charities chosen by fans and ticket partners. While there are transaction costs to support TFCs operations, purchasers are also supporting their favourite charities by buying tickets through TFC rather than solely paying a ticket broker or scalper.

Over the past five years, TFC has generated tens of millions of dollars in ticket sales and donations through their Charitable Sale program, collaborated with some of the biggest music artists and most popular sports teams, and partnered with over 100 charities including CARE, Habitat for Humanity and Feeding America. For more on their impact, click here.

Sign up with TFC to get first dibs on hard-to-find tickets or exclusive event offers here or view featured events here.

Thank you Tickets-for-Charity for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What was the last concert or sporting event you went to?


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