Culinary Collective Preserves Local Traditions and Food Culture

Over the last few days I probably gained a few pounds and several inches around the waist while spending time around the dining table with family and friends. We’re lucky now, says my parents, that traditional ethnic foods and holiday treats are widely accessible unlike when they first immigrated, where everything needed to be handmade.

Culinary Collective is a certified benefit corporation (BCorp) that specializes in importing and distributing cultural foods made by small family and community companies, from distinct regions of the world, that use traditional recipes and methods to produce their gourmet goods.

Founded in 1998 when Pere Selles and Betsy Power realized that quality food from Spain was not available in Seattle, where they lived, the Collective started by offering “a shared logistic system for small gourmet food producers who aim to preserve traditional food systems and encourage environmental responsibility.” Products supported by Culinary Collective are all natural and do not contain preservatives or colorants, are sourced fairly, and ultimately promote local traditions and food cultures.

All Collective producers share responsible business practices that include contributing to the creation of self-reliant communities and local economies, committing to placing human rights at the forefront of the company’s activities, and incorporating social, environmental and financial considerations in every aspect of their business.

To download their full catalog of delicious delicacies or to get in touch with Culinary Collective, click here.

Thank you Culinary Collective for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What are your favourite foods from around the world?


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