Tech Accessories that Protect Gadgets and Change Lives

After getting her iPhone 5 over the holidays, my wife and I spent a whole afternoon at the mall looking for a case not only to protect her phone but to project her personality and fashion sensibility. Who knew it would be such a process?

If you’re searching for a simple yet stylish iPhone 5 case, take a look at the two cases – one black and one white, by Slate & Stylus. Launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, their minimalist iPhone and unique origami iPad “smart cover” are marked with the #CLEANSLATE movement hashtag, which is dedicated to those who feel they were given a second chance in life to do something ¬†impactful and amazing.

The New York City-based Slate & Stylus is driven to offer life changing tech-accessories. Along with their movement the company has partnered with The Supply Education Group, a nonprofit that builds schools in Kenya’s slums, to direct 10% of proceeds to provide children with school supplies needed for their education and path out of poverty.

To check out Slate & Stylus’s iPhone 5 cases and origami iPad smart cover, click here.

Thank you Slate & Stylus for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: If you were given a #CLEANSLATE, what would you do?


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