Bamboo Homes Bring Shelter and Jobs to Rebuild Communities

I spent a great deal of the holidays hovered in front of the TV watching movies, food competition and travel shows, and HGTV. One program I really liked was called Extreme Homes, which features uniquely built houses from around the world. So in my search for extreme homes, I came across CO2 Bambu, which uses bamboo to assemble low-cost housing and schools to support disaster reconstruction and address housing shortages in Latin America and Haiti.

From seed collection, harvesting and bamboo processing to designing pre-fabricated kits for field assembly and on-site training, CO2 Bambu is part of the value chain. The company develops plantations to generate a new source of income for rural communities, trains local workers in field processing bamboo and creates jobs for the indigenous community in the assembly of prefabricated kits.

Building with bamboo offers many advantages, especially in countries such as Nicaragua and Haiti where earthquakes and hurricanes have had such a disastrous impact. The company’s structures are designed to withstand earthquake activity, winds of 200 km/h and can be assembled within one week.

Acting as timber, concrete or steel for construction, Guadua bamboo, which has a natural flexibility, is ideal for building in seismic areas; as well, the rapid-growing bamboo used reduces carbon in the atmosphere, leaving a much smaller footprint than other materials. More on the company’s environmental impact can be found here.

CO2 Bambu is currently active in Nicaragua and Haiti. For more on their impact in these countries click here.

Thank you CO2 Bambu for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What is your idea of an extreme home?


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