Bins in Buildings to Collect Clothing for Recycling

I like to start off each new year with a floor-to-ceiling cleaning of my home, and as part of this ritual, usually end up with a garbage bag full of clothing for donation; this bag, though, will often sit in my closet until I remember to either call the local BigBrothers for pick-up or drop it off at the clothes recycling bin.

Wearable Collections based in NYC has come up with an ingenious idea. The company places receptacles for clothing collection in apartment buildings to make it convenient for residents to recycle clothes they no longer want, keeping usable clothing out of landfills while using them to help raise funds for non-profits. “Our goal is to maximize clothing recycled while minimizing inconvenience to you.” Since 2009, Wearable Collections along with its partner GrowNYC have also been collecting textiles at Greenmarkets to give New Yorkers more textile recycling options.

All clean clothing including shoes, belts and hats are accepted, and household items such as curtains, towels and linens can also be recycled through Wearable Collections. Once gathered, the textiles are sorted into various grades, from items that can be re-used as second hand clothing or commercial wiping rags, to scrap that will be shredded for low grade fibre products such as furniture stuffing  and carpet padding.

Although the collections program primarily operates in NYC, the for-profit organization which dedicates a portion of proceeds to its charitable partners, has also ventured into Boston and Washington DC to encourage textiles recycling. Over the past two years, Wearable Collections has generated over $100,000 for its various charitable partners.

To request a recycling bin for your building, click here. For information on hosting a clothing drive, click here.

Thank you Wearable Collections for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you do with clothing you no longer wear?


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