Gain Perks by Committing to Monthly Giving

It’s early in the new year and many of us, myself included, have made some resolutions that we’re hoping to keep throughout the year. If one of your commitments for 2013 is to become more “green” and give more consistently to environmental organizations or nonprofits, then you should check out The Mutual.

Started by Dan Vallejo and Matt Pestritto after meeting at a tech meetup in NYC, the idea for The Mutual was inspired by a single statistic, that “66% of the US population wants to live greener but doesn’t fulfill on that intent.” Through the platform they created, the goal is to convert intent into positive, environmental action with an easy and rewarding way for both individuals and businesses to support the environment.

Individuals are invited to join The Mutual’s Perks network with a monthly membership donation of as little as $10 per month, to a Cause Partner of choice, to gain unlimited access to rewards that include priority reservations, VIP access and product discounts. Although the majority of Cause Partners are environmentally driven, the company has included a couple of community development and youth and education charities from which members can choose to donate.

For people wanting to make a large donation, The Mutual encourages them to give directly to their Cause Partners – their platform was designed to make it easy for donors to regularly support their partner charities through incentivizing their continued commitment. View current Cause Partners here.

To check out the perks of being a member, click here.

If you like what you’re reading and want to join, register to become a member. If you’re a business and want to learn more about how the get involved, click here.

Thank you The Mutual for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Which charities or organizations do you regularly commit your resources to?


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