Killer Bread Saves Environment and Supports Communities

When I was young my dad would always make my brother and I sandwiches for lunch; they were nothing fancy, a couple slices of ham in between two limp pieces of bread, but as we got older, he started using different kinds of breads with grains and seeds, and it opened my eyes to how delicious and interesting bread could be!

Dave’s Killer Bread was started by Dave, a man who lived through drug addiction and spending a total of 15 years in and out of prison. After his final stint in jail, he had a renewed outlook on his future and returned to his roots by joining the family business as a baker. With a new focus, he reformulated and transformed the bakery’s goodies to be more healthy by eliminating trans fats and using only the best organic ingredients available for their breads.

Dave’s Killer Bread was launched in summer 2005 at the Portland Farmers Market with four varieties and got such rave reviews from customers that by the fall, Dave’s Killer Bread was on the shelves of local retailers like Whole Foods and Fred Meyer.

With their vision to “make the world a better place, one loaf of bread at a time,” the company donates over 325,000 loaves each year to organizations within the local community, started a program to support local farming and reduce the carbon footprint of their bakery called “Oregon Grains Project”, and pays their employees, about 30% of whom are ex-felons like Dave, living wages with health insurance, retirement contributions and free meals while on duty. For more on their commitment to the environment and the community, click here.

Today, Dave’s Killer Bread has grown to 16 varieties, all crafted from Dave’s recipes, and are available in many states throughout the US. Check out the full range of breads here.


Thank you Dave’s Killer Bread for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What’s your favourite variety of bread?


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