ESPEROS Bags Carry Hope

What if the backpack you purchase not only carries your laptop and books but also helps send children in Haiti to school for an entire year – sounds like an awesome idea right? Well, that’s the mission behind ESPEROS backpacks.

Founded by Oliver Shuttlesworth after a trip to rural Central America where he witnessed the effects of extreme poverty on children, he became driven to find a solution to break the cycle. Inspired to provide children with greater opportunities and a brighter future, and after learning that  an education in some countries can cost just $15 USD, Oliver came up with the idea to sell premium quality backpacks with built-in donations to help send children to school.

Through ESPEROS’s  partnership with non-profit Fonkoze in Haiti, which works to empower women and their families, 50% of profits from each sale is donated to help support families, living on less than $2 per day, by helping fund their children’s tuition for one year. By empowering children, customers are not only changing the lives of children in need but securing the future of families and strengthening communities.

To check out their full range of products, click here. If you’re a college student interested in getting involved, check out the ESPEROS Campus Club program here.

Thank you ESPEROS for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: One shoulder or two?


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