Wello’s WaterWheel – Rolling Towards Healthier Communities


When we see pictures of life in rural, developing countries, the image of women and children transporting large containers of water balanced on their heads is something I think we’ve all come to expect, however, a social venture called Wello is striving to change this picture.

In 2011, the team went to India to interview community members and experts on how to improve the experience of collecting, storing and using water; they collaborated with intended users to design and prototype their WaterWheel, which gives easier access to potable water, is more efficient to collect so children are more likely to attend school, and empowers women to participate in more productive activities.

Allowing the transport of 50 litres of water at once, nearly five times more than traditional methods, the WaterWheel is manufactured from durable, human-safe plastics that has a cap-in-cap design that prevents recontamination at the point of use. Through local production and its CSR partnerships, Wello can keep costs low so WaterWheel users can afford this valuable tool.

Although it may seem like a small change, research has shown that “when women have extra time, they choose to spend it on activities that boost family income, education, health, and wellbeing,” which ultimately leads to breaking the cycle of poverty.

If you’d like to get involved with Wello, whether through partnership, a donation or volunteering, click here.

Thank you Wello for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: If you could do your job more efficiently, what would you do with your extra time?


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