Responsible, Sustainable, Transparent – Fair Finance helps us get the things we need and want but we don’t always have enough, that’s when we either turn to our credit cards or go to the bank for a loan. Fair Finance, based in London, offers financial products and services that are affordable and accessible by those excluded by mainstream providers.

As a social business, they believe that products and services should be simple and easy to understand, financial advice should be honest and trustworthy, and credit should be affordable for all. With the goal to be responsible to customers by ensuring to help manage their financial objectives to improve their quality of life, committing to longterm sustainability by earning a modest profit while reinvesting to better serve customers, and being transparent on all business activities with simple to understand loans and terms, Fair Finance is spearheading a shift in customer expectations for personal finance institutions.

Fair Finance offers personal and micro credit loads that are designed to be affordable, accessible and convenient. For details of their range of financial services, click here. They also offer free, confidential advice to help customers develop realistic financial plans and even negotiate on their behalf with creditors.

Thank you Fair Finance for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Who do you turn to for financial planning advice ?



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